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Advantage are specialist maintenance contractors offering a range of services and machinery specifically designed for synthetic multi-use games areas and courts. Our range of procedures can be ordered on a one-off basis under our Tune-Up service, or as a packaged maintenance contract. As suppliers of MUGA maintenance machinery and equipment, we can provide a quick and efficient service, and many of our items of machinery and equipment come with training sessions to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of a facility's in-house maintenance routine.

Contaminated MUGA with moss and algae problems

Routine maintenance

Polymeric, tarmac, and acrylic sports surfaces require little maintenance, and the procedures that are necessary in the day-to-day maintenance routine are straight-forward and inexpensive. Maintenance requirements for polymeric surfaces can be split into three categories: routine, preventative, and remedial. Routine maintenance refers to those procedures which can be carried out in-house - by a grounds-team or even member of staff - as frequently as the surface requires. Preventative maintenance refers to procedures which are necessary to ensure the safety and play performance of the surface, whilst maximizing its lifespan. Remedial maintenance refers to corrective or restorative procedures which may become necessary when damage or vandalism occurs, when the surface is affected by unusually bad weather, or when the surface reaches an age or condition which impacts upon safety or play performance.

Litter, leaves, twigs, paper and other debris should promptly be removed from the surface to prevent permeation. The principal hazard affecting polymeric surfaces is that these items can make the playing surface slippery, which is particularly unsafe towards the edges of the surface which is likely to be surrounded by metal fencing . A stiff brush can be used to collect leaves, and detach moss and algae build-up, without damaging the playing surface. Specially designed sweeper-collector units that are towed by mini-tractors are available commercially for synthetic surfaces such as polymeric tracks and MUGA's and can aid the speed and efficiency of debris removal. Boot brushes are also strongly recommended at all access points. Checking the surface for damage, especially scuffs and trip hazards at points of access should form part of the general maintenance routine on site.

Carrying out maintenance on a polymeric MUGA

Preventative maintenance

Keeping the surface clean is the critical preventative measure against premature breakdown. An annual spray clean using a pressure washer is recommended for polymeric MUGA's and can be carried out by the in-house grounds-team assuming that a water-point is situated close-by. Alternatively, a specialist contractor can be used to carry out this procedure. The nozzle must not be held too closely to the surface during cleaning. Depending on the local climate, surrounding vegetation, and the efficiency of the drainage system, a vegetation control procedure may also be required to kill moss and algae before they are given the chance to latch onto the rubberized surface. This is especially important for MUGA's with overhanging or closely situated deciduous trees. A herbicide treatment is required in, usually, quarterly increments and must be applied by a specialist maintenance technician or contractor with the appropriate safety certification.

Remedial maintenance

The first remedial procedure that is likely to be required is line remarking/re-painting. A sports surface maintenance contractor will be able to supply the correct type of paint and mark sports lines accordingly. In case of damage to the surface, a sports surface contractor or maintenance company specializing in synthetic surfaces will be able to carry out repairs or re-texture the damaged part of the surface.

Tractors and Drive Units

As mentioned above, specialist maintenance machinery is available commercially, such as the sweeper-collector unit, so that an in-house grounds-team would be able to effectively maintain larger MUGA's and full-size athletics tracks. These units are designed to be towed by a mini-tractor or drive unit. Only approved maintenance vehicles equipped with low-pressure tyres should be used on polymeric surfaces.

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