Tow Units & Attachments

Mini-tractors with tow attachments

See our range of mini-tractors and drive units, all with their own set of custom-built maintenance attachments for synthetic surfaces.

The benefits of detachable tow attachments are that all units are stored more easily than an all-in-one unit, and that the mini tractor can be used to perform other tasks around site.


Specially-designed maintenance vehicles

See our range of all-in-one, ride-on units, specially designed for synthetic surface maintenance.

The benefit of an all-in-one unit is that your grounds team do not waste any time attaching and detaching bits of kit; the unit is purpose-built and ready to roll.

Specialist Equipment

Jet Washers, Leaf Blowers, Goals

See our range of specialist maintenance equipment for all synthetic surfaces including tarmac, acrylic and polymeric courts, tracks and MUGAs.

Jet washers, divider nets, goals and goal posts, adhesives, hand-operated maintenance brushes.