The Sport and Play Construction Association

SAPCA is the Sport and Play Construction Association; they are the recognised trade association for the sports facilities construction industry. The not-for-profit body was formed in 1997 and is funded by its members: principally main contractors, surfacing and ancillary contractors, manufactures and suppliers, consultants, test laboratories, and other affiliates.

The Association defines its role as the promotion of high standards and regulation within the industry, the provision of education and training of workforce, promotion of research initiatives and encouragement of the use of new technologies to aid the design and construction of sports facilities, and liaison with councils, funding agencies and governing bodies.

By selecting a SAPCA member to construct a sports facility, the proprietor is assured of a contractor that adheres to strict membership admission criteria, meets construction specifications and standards as detailed in SAPCA's code of practice, and complies with the trade association code of practice and professional conduct.

Our work with SAPCA

As a member of the Blakedown Group, Advantage Sport Maintenance takes it affiliation with SAPCA very seriously. We have a dedicated and fully qualified team of technical staff and contract managers, covering the whole of the UK, with over 40 years experience in the industry.

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