3G Deep Clean

Rubber Crumb Infill Cleaning Procedure

The maintenance routine for a 3G surface should comprise drag brushing, designed to keep the infill evenly distributed, Power-brushing, designed to decompact the infill, and vegetation control, needed to eliminate moss and algae. If the synthetic turf does become overly contaminated with decaying vegetation or silt, the specialist maintenance procedure that is required is a Deep Clean.

One method for performing a Deep Clean is to pass a vacuum unit over the surface to extract contaminated sand and rubber. These layers of infill can then be filtered and cleaned so that they can be returned as new. Another method for Deep Clean is to spray the surface with a jet spray so that contamination is flushed into the drainage system. Whichever method is employed, the Deep Clean is useful for surfaces with drainage problems, surfaces that are slippery or unsafe, or surfaces with visible mud or silt contamination.

A Deep Clean on a 3G pitch

Does your 3G pitch need a Deep Clean?

If your 3G pitch is starting to suffer from drainage problems, or has visible mud or silt contamination, please get in touch to discuss our Deep Clean procedure.


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