3G Power-Brushing

A specialist procedure to groom and decompact a 3G pitch

Power-brushing is the most important, specialist maintenance procedure for 3G surfaces. Third Generation turf is a higher pile system supported by a rubber crumb infill. As such, the synthetic turf can become flattened or folded over after time and as a consequence of usage. Power-brushing is the maintenance procedure that is needed to correct this problem.

The Power-brush unit will be equipped with a rotating, mechanical brush which will penetrate deeper into the turf than a regular drag brush or mat. The spinning brush will lift the pile and agitate the compacted rubber infill restoring true play characteristics.

A Power-brushing procedure on a 3G pitch

Recommended Routine

Synthetic turf manufacturers recommend that Power-brushing be carried out monthly on 3G surfaces that are used frequently or intensively. For surfaces that are very well maintained or not used daily, a less frequent Power-brushing routine would be acceptable. Contact us to discuss the recommend maintenance routine for your surface.

Need Power-brushing services or equipment?

Advantage are a supplier of Power-brushing services and equipment. If you would like to book a Power-brushing visit, or purchase a Power-brushing unit for your grounds-team, feel free to contact a member of our team.


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