What is a 3G Rejuvenation?

Restoration of Rubber Artificial Turf Pitches

3G sports surfaces require routine maintenance to ensure that the rubber crumb infill remains well distributed across the surface and to prevent compaction which occurs when the infill is pressed down during play and over time. Surfaces will also require vegetation control measures, usually periodic herbicide treatments, to eliminate moss and algae.

3G surfaces that receive insufficient maintenance will deteriorate over time and, if not corrected, will eventually reach a point where normal maintenance procedures are ineffective to clean the infill, remove large quantities of organic material, or restore true play characteristics. In this set of circumstances, a Rejuvenation is needed. A Rejuvenation of a 3G pitch involves removing as much of the contaminated sand and rubber infill as possible ( a 3G pitch has a base layer of sand infill beneath the rubber crumb), spray cleaning the remaining synthetic turf, and replenishing the surface with new sand and rubber. The Rejuvenation is designed to prolong the lifespan of the playing surface so that the need for a complete resurfacing can be delayed.

A Rejuvenation on a 3G pitch

Older surfacing with serious drainage problems, surfaces contaminated with mud, and surfaces that are too slippery to play safely are examples of when a Rejuvenation might be needed.

Cost of a Rejuvenation

The most expensive aspect of the Rejuvenation process is the replacement infill that is usually needed to restore the surface. Where possible, Advantage would look to salvage existing infill by cleaning and filtering it and then returning it to the surface.

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