3G Pitch Repairs

Re-seaming and re-patching tears, faults and rips

Sports lines in 3G pitches are usually seamed lines: strips of pre-coloured synthetic turf that are fitted into the surface which last much longer than painted lines. The seams are attached using an adhesive, applied to seaming tape, which is placed beneath the lengths of synthetic turf and joins them together. General wear and tear can cause seams to become unstuck - penalty spots, for example, are areas of a sports pitch than can receive above average usage. In this case, a seam repair is needed.

Usually the repair work on seams only requires a fresh layer of adhesive to be applied to the existing tape so that the line or tear can be re-stuck. In the event that the tear cannot be re-stuck, or if part of the turf is missing altogether, then a replacement patch of the same synthetic turf product must be sought and fitted. This patch will also require a small amount of sand and rubber infill for consistency.

Advantage carrying out repair work on a 3G pitch

Need repairs on your 3G pitch?

Advantage offer a range of one-off tune up services including seam repairs, re-patching work, and line re-marking. If you would like to discuss repair work needed on your 3G surface, please feel free to get in touch.


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