Rubber Infill Top-up

Suppliers of EPDM infill-grade rubber crumb for 3G pitches

The rubber infill of a 3G pitch is fundamental to its performance, lifespan, and safety. Without the infill, the synthetic turf would be flattened and would not provide the stability needed to replicate natural grass.

Over time, the amount of rubber crumb in the surface will diminish. Some will break down over time due to usage, some will be carried away in players' boots, and some will be collected in the sweeper-collector maintenance unit. Accordingly, a supplement of rubber must be added to the surface to replenish the infill system.

Adding rubber infill to a 3G pitch

How much rubber?

The rubber crumb in a 3G pitch is generally filled to two thirds the pile height. However, synthetic turf manufacturers will specify the infill rates for each specific turf product. A measurement of the existing rate of infill should then be taken a various points across the surface to determine the amount of additional rubber that is needed.

Does your 3G pitch need an infill top-up?

As a maintenance contractor operating nationwide, Advantage can supply rubber or carry out an infill top-up anywhere in the UK. For current prices, please contact a member of our sales team.


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