Deep Clean on Sand-filled Surfaces

The Deep Clean procedure is a method for cleaning and filtering the artificial turf and infill of a sand-filled astroturf pitch. Mud, silt, moss, decaying leaves, and algae will have a major impact on the safety of the surface and its ability to drain rainwater away.

There are two methods of Deep Clean which can be chosen according to the specific nature of the contamination problem and its side effects. One method is to pass a vacuum unit over the surface to extract contaminated sand infill. This sand would then be passed through a cleaning unit and filtering sieve so that, when it is brushed back into the surface, it is in much better condition that it was before. Another method is to spray the surface with a jet-spray so that the silt and contamination is flushed into the drainage system.

A Deep Clean on an astroturf pitch

Does your Astro need a Deep Clean?

If your sand-filled pitch or court is starting to suffer from drainage problems, or has visible mud or silt contamination on the surface, please get in touch to discuss our Deep Clean procedure.


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