Sand Infill Top-up

The sand infill on an astroturf pitch is fundamental to its performance, lifespan, and safety. Without the infill, the synthetic turf would be flattened and would not provide the stability needed to replicate natural grass.

Over time, the amount of sand in the surface will diminish: a proportion will be washed through the drainage system, some will be carried away in players' boots, and some will be collected in the sweeper-collector maintenance unit. Accordingly, a supplement of sand would have to be added to the surface to replenish the quantity of infill.

Adding sand infill to an astroturf pitch

How much sand to add?

For sand-filled (astroturf) pitches, play takes place as much on the infill, which is filled to the top of the pile, as much as it is on the synthetic turf; making it crucial that the level of infill be maintained. Furthermore, there is a difference between a pitch which is compacted, and a pitch which is lacking infill. The former would require a specialist maintenance procedure such as a Power-brush to draw out the compacted sand; adding more sand in this case would be counter-productive and may cause drainage problems in the future.

Quantifying the amount of sand to add should be carried out by a specialist maintenance contractor. Advantage are a UK-wide maintenance provider for sand-filled pitches, so please get in touch to discuss a sand top-up.

Does your Astro need a sand top-up?

Advantage can either supply or supply and install an infill top-up anywhere on the UK mainland. For information or prices for our top-up services, please contact a member of our team.


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