Sand-filled 'Astroturf' Power-Brushing

Power-brushing is the most important specialist maintenance procedure for sand-filled surfaces. After time, and as a result of usage, the synthetic turf and the sand infill system can become compacted. Compaction occurs as the sand is pressed down under the weight of players' feet; the synthetic turf becomes flat, and rainwater can be prevented from leaving the surface properly. Power-brushing corrects this problem by lifting out the pile, decompacting the sand, and increasing the voids in the infill system through which surface water can escape.

The Power-brush unit is equipped with a rotating brush that penetrates deep into the turf and draws out the lower levels of infill. For most sand-filled surfaces, it is recommended that Power-brushing be undertaken monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly depending on local climate, surface condition, and the effectiveness of day-to-day maintenance procedures.

A Power-brushing procedure on an astroturf pitch

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