What is an Astroturf Rejuvenation?

Inevitably, synthetic surfaces have a finite lifespan. Some astroturf pitches have been known to last for twenty-five years or more, but these are rare. As the artificial turf begins to break down, it can no longer offer the original play characteristics or ball roll of a new surface. Dilapidated surfaces can also begin to risk safety as trip and slip hazards can form at access points, run-offs, and on the playing surface itself. The base of synthetic surface, whether comprised of stone, stone and shockpad, or stone, porous tarmac and shockpad, will usually outlast the artificial turf element of a surface. Therefore, to restore the safety and integrity of the pitch, it is only the artificial turf that needs to be replaced. This is known as a Resurface.

A Rejuvenation on a 3G pitch

Surfaces can sometimes be unusable and unsafe even though the artificial turf carpetÂ’ is sound. In this instance, a Resurface is unnecessary because it is only the contaminated sand preventing play, not the turf. A Rejuvenation is a procedure to remove contaminated sand infill as well as mud, silt, and other contamination from a surface and replacing that infill with a fresh supplement of new sand. A Rejuvenation can sometimes delay the need for a Resurface by up to ten years.

Cost of a Rejuvenation

The most expensive aspect of the Rejuvenation process is the replacement infill that is needed to restore the surface. Where possible, Advantage would look to salvage existing infill by cleaning and filtering it and then returning it to the surface so that a smaller quantity of fresh sand has to be ordered.

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